Thursday, December 4, 2014

The State of California Core Curriculum

Concordia University

Laws may vary in different states. Like laws, the core curriculum requirements for students also differ when it comes to specific standards. The purpose is to make certain that every person gets at least a certain amount of education as they advance through the scholastic system. Education is an important thing for all citizens in California. That is the reason why the Department of Education makes sure that they determine this for all students. If you don’t really have any idea about such things, here are some California core curriculum facts. These will guide you all the way.

Each student must try their best to pass all the requirements in language arts. This can help them get started. They will learn about proper sentence construction and how to comprehend and interpret literature. Moreover, as students advance in grades, they will learn analogies and metaphors. These are taught in order for students to learn successfully. Mathematics is a subject that is considered as very essential in California core curriculum. In the world you lived in, you will find various jobs. Every job needs understanding of mathematics. Every child needs to advance well as basics will not let them comprehend on various advancements in technology nowadays. Through this, American workers will have an edge in the competition. This can also serve as their advantage.

Science is also another topic that plays an important role to advance in the different university courses. In order for students to understand genetics as well as how the lifeforms function, biology is also vital. In comparison to other subjects, the concepts of physics and chemistry is introduced in physical science. Since there are many topics required, students must be able to get exposure about such things. This can help them take the advance level. This gives them the opportunity to think on these higher planes and perhaps make the choice to go into the hard sciences after graduating college.

Another part in the California core curriculum is history. Past is said to be the key for future. That is why students should understand it and how this influenced the policies in the world. With a wide understanding, this can help them understand the major stories on news like the Middle East’s ongoing crises. The world has undergone various developments before it came as it is. That is why students must learn how this world became the world they lived in. In this way, they may be able to help change it for the better as they grow up.

There is a wide variety of tests that are administered by California to all school children. Tracking the progress of students is important. Through these tests, this can be done easily as they are designed for that function. The administrators utilize this information to witness if the programs are really working. In order to help students, they will seek for testing or replacement text if they have witnessed things that need changes. The solution may depend on the existing problem. One of the most important parts of life is learning. It is important that students have exposure about several ideas and materials. With this, they will be able to learn to have a whole perspective about the world. This a huge dare that every person the students have in their life to be engaged in learning while enjoying the process of education. With this, students will be able to take advance steps. 

California has created a curriculum that aims to help in stimulating its citizens’ minds. With everyone’s help, students can enjoy tons of opportunities. Some of these opportunities are to be able to get the best education and a chance to learn. In the end, today’s children are the future’s policy makers. Nevertheless, the policy makers of the future are the children of present. That’s why education plays a huge role. 

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